When the economic crisis of 2008 arrived, Verity’s executive team pursued a financial coaching program to assist members. I was recruited to help Verity develop this program and have been a financial counselor/coach for over 25 years.

In 2009, I worked closely with Verity executives to develop a coaching program and hardship loan modification strategies for our members. We found workable solutions while offering practical advice and support as members brought their financial lives back in order. Hundreds of members were assisted and have been successful in the years since.

Today, as the coronavirus pandemic creates new concerns and hardships, our financial coaching program is here to help. Many people may have “what if” questions and I’m here to offer guidance, suggestions and moral support, no matter your financial situation.

If you have a quick question, consider attending one of my new virtual Ask Our Coach sessions where I am available by phone or email on set days and times to answer your questions. Or, if you would like to schedule a coaching appointment, spaces are readily available. For details, visit veritycu.com/coaching

We will get through this together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about coaching and how it can help you.

Charnell Morud

Charnell is one of Verity’s financial counselors.

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