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Finally! I have hired two new staff. Maureen, our Investment Rep of over seven years left in November. We hired one person to replace her and one person to work the south end. Replacing Maureen was a tough one on us. Of course, we wish her well in her altered career path, but that was a difficult position to fill! The job market is tight for good investment advisors. It was made more difficult by the fact that so many members and clients really LIKED Maureen. We tried hard to fill her position with someone who possesses the same interpersonal qualities that Maureen had. Of course, this will all go out in the official marketing materials and you’ll hear the corporate speak in your newsletter and letters. However, this is my informal blog, so I’ll tell you what I really think.

The two fellows we hired are named Ken and Blake. Ken is going to be the south-end rep. He covers Federal Building, Beacon Hill and our new branch in Auburn. He has many years in the industry AND he worked at another credit union. That is a great find for us. He had just moved back from California so we were able to snatch him up. He has been here since December 6 and everyone really likes him.

The second guy, Blake, has similar experience, only he worked at a bank (he probably didn’t know better at the time – just kidding). He has many years of experience under his belt and he is just one of those people you feel comfortable with right out of the gate. I think our members will really like him. He starts on Monday (1/31).

They are both just really good guys and I am glad we found them. After getting over the shock of losing a good employee, I am now excited about the new developments in our department. I think they will be good.

And now for the mandatory disclosures…..

Investment products and services offered through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS) are not NCUA/NCUSIF insured, not credit union guaranteed, and may lose value. Investment Representatives are employed by Verity Credit Union and registered through CFS. Verity Credit Union is in partnership with CFS (member NASD/SIPC).

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