Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. It’s my favorite holiday. It has everything you might want in a holiday. Traditional food: corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes, Irish soda bread. Parades. A river dyed green. People get dressed up, and practically everyone claims they’re Irish, if only for a kiss, and to feel a bit of camaraderie. Oh, and there’s a lot of drinking, usually Irish whiskey and pints of Guinness.

My other favorite St. Patrick’s Day concurrence is that it falls during March Madness, which is, perhaps, the most exciting month of sports to occur all year. You know, maybe next year, I’ll petition to have the month of March off. There’s just so much going on, how can one find the time to do anything else?

For a quick recap: March has St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, the Ides of March, weeks of rain, the first day of spring, daylight savings time begins. I say, March is a pretty great month, overall. Unlike, say, August, which doesn’t really offer much besides nice weather. Usually.

However, March isn’t all rain and revelry this year. There are some troubling things festering in the puddles outside our houses. News is, some of the big banks are replacing tellers with automated airport style kiosks. That frightens me.

Personal finances are incredibly important, private, and intimate things. Especially now, with the economy in a constant state of high alert, making sure you have enough to buy food and pay bills is paramount. And when you have a question or concern, do you want to wander into a branch and talk to someone in person, or would you rather interact with a kiosk? I’ve had moments at the airport where I wanted to put my suitcase through the screen. I’d rather not deal with my finances that way.

One of the most important things, for me, is being able to talk to someone about my money. Even before I started working at Verity, where I have dozens of people to talk to every day about my money, I always liked going in to my financial institution. There was something satisfying about having a real human take my check or hand me money. Yes, I could have gone to the ATM, or just dropped it in the mail and it would have taken half the time. But it’s nice to see someone actually take my check or count out my money. The intimacy made it feel more human, instead of this big, huge impenetrable fortress where I wasn’t so sure what they were doing with the money once I put it in my account.

Who knows what new advances the next ten years will bring. We’ll probably be zipping around in carbon-neutral flying cars. We’ll have personal jet packs to get us to work. We’ll have teleports to travel half way across the world in the blink of an eye. Money might cease to exist and we all live on sunshine and rainbows and unicorns.

Okay, okay, that last one probably won’t happen. But, as things get more automated, more digital and impersonal, isn’t it nice to wander in to a branch and see a bunch of people that want to help? That’s what Verity has to offer.

March has a lot going on: St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, the coming of spring, rain. That doesn’t mean you don’t have time to join Verity. And, while Verity is Orange (there is, in fact, an Orangeman’s Day in Northern Ireland, if you’re interested, on July 12, but I wouldn’t wait that long), we do love March for all the right reasons. Tell your friends, pass it along. Come in and talk to us.

Matthew Kingston

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  1. Sasha says:

    That last one won’t happen? Pshaw. That’s what life looks like to me most days, and everyone greets one another with high-fives. 🙂 Great post, Matt. I agree, there’s a lot of awesomeness in March!

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