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Lara Simmons on December 23rd, 2011 2 Comments

“A word I’ve come across a lot during the years is ‘abundance’. Self-help books encourage us to welcome abundance into our lives. If we think abundant thoughts then abundance will automatically grace us.

The dictionary tells me that abundance is, ‘an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply.’ In these difficult financial times, is it realistic to expect abundance? Do we really need an ‘oversufficient quantity’?

I’m coming to feel pretty fond of the word ‘enough’. Enough is saving the washing up water and putting it on the roses. It’s appreciating every melting moment of a square of bitter chocolate…It’s having a terrible morning and then noticing those red berries on a walk to the post-box. Those red berries!”

–Fiona Robyn

Another quote (the first one is here) from one of my favorite bloggers, Fiona Robyn. This one feels like something I have wanted to say for YEARS, but have never found just the right way to say it. Fiona did and I am grateful.

Especially right now as I contemplate Christmas and all the gifts I still have to? Need to? Want to buy? It makes me wonder…..what is “enough”?

Is it enough to get my kids a few books? Or do they need the latest gaming system? Is it enough to get my friends a nice card? Or do I need to get them “a little something” to go with it? What is necessary? What is expected? What is “enough”?

As I wandered around the mall briefly the other day I was overwhelmed by all the “stuff” that was available for purchase. IPods and iPads, flat-screen TVs and gaming systems, puzzles and calendars and games, oh my!

When you’re in it, it’s hard not to see it as desirable – or even necessary – but when I take a step back I realize that neither I nor my kids nor my husband nor most of my friends and relatives really NEEDS anything. We have everything we need. We have food. We have clothes. We have roofs over our heads and shoes for our feet. We have books and games and amusements galore. We have “enough.”

So what do you get for the person (people) who already has “enough?”

I tried to strike a balance this year between making dreams come true and letting enough be enough. I hope I did all right.

Still, this quote has sparked a fantasy in me. A fantasy to do a full-on “no gifts” Christmas sometime. Just holiday cheer, appreciation and gratitude for what we already have. Maybe a nice meal together. I think that would be “enough” for me.

Lara Simmons

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  1. karla says:

    Thank you for this. I had started to follow Verity Mom, but since I am seeing entries about alcohol and penises and humor that degrades rather than builds up, I will stop. That does not represent the kind of mom I am, nor many of my friends. I tried to give Danielle feedback, but she wrote it off as not being the same kind of writer as Rosemary. Since I did not follow Rosemary, I am not comparing the two. I just think there is a way to have fun with being a mom and all of its nuances without crossing the line.

  2. Melina Young says:

    Hi Karla, thank you for your feedback. It is unfortunate that an article about gender equality had the word “penis” in the title. Sometimes good messages get lost when people try to be provocative, as seems to be the case with the article shared on the Verity Mom Facebook page. This is one of the many reasons we try to provide you, our readers, with a host of writers to choose from and relate to. If you relate well to Lara, she posts on Our Voices twice a month. Thanks for participating in the conversation.

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