Think of a time when you received great service? Maybe someone went above an beyond what you expected or maybe someone took the time to listen to a problem you had and then fixed it. At Verity our priority is providing great service to our members. This something everyone at Verity is committed too, including this month’s winner of our Extrodinary Feats Award. Read her story below:

July’s Winner: Venachia

Recently a disgruntled member came to the Northgate building with a problem related to his HELOC. The member demanded to talk to an employee that had the day off. Lisa from Consumer lending was asked to assist the member. After meeting with the member it was evident that he was upset and she asked Venachia to help her solve this member’s problem.

Our third core value states “Success flows from focus on our members.” Venachia set aside the project she was working on to solve this member’s problem. After researching the situation, Veniacha was able to locate the root of the problem and come to a resolution which was fair for both the member and Verity. She even went with Lisa to talk to the member so she could provide assistance in explaining the details.

After the second meeting Lisa commented on how Venachia was able to clearly and effectively provide the member with the answer to his problem and a solution that satisfied his needs. She used empathizing statements throughout the conversation to make sure that the focus was on solving the problem at hand, and this is exactly what happened.

Even though this seemed to be a no win situation, through Veniacha’s expertise it was resolved in an equitable manner. This is not the first time Veniacha has demonstrated her willingness and ability to help with difficult situations. She is highly regarded as an expert in many areas and employees seek her out for assistance. Veniacha is a constant reminder of our core values and is an exemplary employee who demonstrates quality service, both internally and externally, on a daily basis. We are very lucky to have some one of her ability and qualifications in our department and at Verity.

Justin Martin

Justin started his long career at Verity as a summer intern. After leaving to pursue a degree in human resource management at Western Washington University, he returned to what he describes as “one of the strongest environments I have seen in terms of focus on their employees.” During his time here, Verity has been recognized with multiple awards ranging from employee development initiatives to overall work environment. Justin holds an MBA from Seattle University along with being an honors graduate from Western CUNA Management School and a certified Credit Union Development Educator.

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