My husband came home from the grocery store yesterday with a bag full of Ricola’s. I looked at them and asked him if he was starting to feel sick. He said, “no. Put a handful in your pocket!” I knew instantly what he was talking about because the day before I had heard the commercials for the Mystery Cougher that Ricola is doing. If you hear someone cough, offer them a Ricola and they are the Mystery Cougher, you can win one million dollars.

We weren’t quite sure of all the details of the promotion so I Googled it. I saw a Mystery Cougher blog and got excited. I had visions of another person, as interested in winning money as my husband and I are, giving us insights, strategies, and other such blog stuff. But when I visited the blog, it was an advertising page!

You can’t call yourself a blog if all you are doing is advertising!! That is just wrong. I expected to walk into the world of another person similar to me and it was just corporate sales. I felt like I had just walked through a spider web. EEEWWW.

Speaking of blogs, ours just got some national recognition. That is so very cool. (I tried to embued the link into this post, but I am somewhat of a Ludite) Here is the article.

If you have ever logged on and thought our blog is simply an advertisement for our credit union. Let me tell you, it is not. It might seem like a few of the posts are over the top in terms of “I love Verity”, but if you knew the people who posted them, you wouldn’t think that. Some of us bleed orange. Some of us (count me it), really, really love this place.

OK, that is all for today. I am off to find that Mystery Cougher. Wish me luck!

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