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Eclipse Fever

Debbie Schorzman on August 30th, 2017 No Comments

I will avoid the Bonnie Tyler references and just say that the solar eclipse on August 21st made a believer out of me. Initially I thought that it sounded interesting and I had vague recollections of elementary school lessons about pinhole cameras, but I couldn’t help wondering if the hype was too much.

It was not.

Verity purchased special glasses for our teams so we could join in the celebration of Seattle’s 92% view. As the sun was obscured the temperature droppedslightly. I marveled at how everything remained light with so little of the sun shining through. The sliver of sun widened and appeared to turn as the eclipse peaked and the event moved towards its conclusion. Everyone pointed at the shapes of the shadows bending and changing with the angle of the sunlight and many people snapped photos to preserve the moment.

So no, the hype was not too much. Not only did I see something that won’t happen again until I am 78 (feel free to do the math if you wish), but I saw communities in the eclipse’s path come together for approximately 2 minutes. Pictures from across the country flooded the internet as everyone focused the things which unite us and to agree that eclipse glasses are awesome. That said, old school solutions worked too. Someone had a pinhole camera here at Verity HQ and it was pretty great.

By the way, if you still have those glasses you can donate them to be used a second time. The glasses are good for 3 years, so an organization called Astronomers Without Borders will be posting where you can send your glasses so they can go to kids in Chile to use for their 2019 eclipse. Check out their website.


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