Earth Day is one of my favorite “holidays” of the year and if you ask me, which you’ll learn not to, Earth Day should be every day. The spirit that folks have to give back and receive the beautiful fruits of the Earth is liberating and special (okay I’ll stop). Seriously though, how many times do we really appreciate fresh air, Fall colors, rain, plant life etc.? Unlike your annual Christmas tree expenditures, the Earth is something we are constantly in contact with. Does it hurt to acknowledge it more than once a year? I would say “absolutely not!” but this is coming from a girl that used to get called “Rainforest Girl” in high school. I’ll maybe save that story for another blog post.

I’m really community oriented which is odd because I live in a basement and even you would be embarrassed by the amount of times I’ve watched the first five seasons of Gossip Girl on Netflix. Nevertheless, I encourage the spirit of giving year round and what better thing to give than your time? I want to highlight a couple great organizations/ways to get plugged into Seattle and surrounding areas below. What I’ve come to realize rather quickly is that over at Verity, we love a helping hand and the spirit of volunteerism. Volunteering is a great way for you, your kids, your friends, neighbors, and families to give back and receive as well.

The first organization I want to highlight is Solid Ground. Solid Ground is an organization that works to end homelessness and poverty while also identifying the different systems of oppressions that they encompass. Here is their Vision:

“Solid Ground believes our community can move beyond poverty and oppression to a place where all people have access to quality housing, nutritious food, equal justice and opportunities to thrive”

Solid Ground has frequent volunteer positions open for those that have all sorts of interests. In the spirit of this post though, I want to point out that they have several gardening positions in efforts to teach folks how to grow food and to grow food for people. Click the link below to read more about their volunteer opportunities!

Solid Ground

For the more outdoorsy types, you may want to check out Earthcorps, an amazing program through Americorps. Basically what these folks do are different environmental restoration projects around Seattle ranging from parks, to sites, to trails, etc. Earthcorps really does a lot for Seattle and surrounding areas and volunteering is a great way to get some hands on entry-level experience in these areas! I’ve heard there’s some great plant identification lessons too if you ask nicely! Here is Earthcorps Vision:

“EarthCorps leaders inspire their communities across the globe to dramatically improve their relationship with the environment. We envision a world where people live in balance with the earth.”

Earthcorps also has a lot of volunteer opportunities for people and all you have to do is signup! Visit the link to read more and sign up for a shift! Their page nicely lays out the shifts available, who they are, and what to expect.

Earth Corps

My last but certainly not least highlight is going to be Seattle Tilth! This is a great organization and if you have not heard of it, you are missing out. I want to take this time to remind you all that Verity values community and families. Seattle Tilth is a great organization to know about because it’s all about gardening (hint: moms!!!). Again this is all levels so don’t feel shy! Bring the family in to a work party and learn something new, they even have stuff for children. Here’s their mission:

“The mission of Seattle Tilth is to inspire and educate people to safeguard our natural resources while building an equitable and sustainable local food system.”

Seattle Tilth has a more structured volunteer program that encourages you to attend a volunteer orientation before hand but they also have drop-in work parties if you want to volunteer just once!

Seattle Tilth

Between those three organizations, you should be so busy getting down and dirty that Earth Day will become a habit not a holiday! Let’s continue to love and enjoy the season. The Earth is precious; let’s take care of it.



Danae Harrison-Corey

My name is Danae and I’m a Member Service Representative at Verity’s Beacon Hill Branch. I love people and the color Orange so Verity feels like home already. My financial background is a little more unique as it comes from music; I’ve been counting and measuring for the majority of my life. However, I am excited to start at Verity and be involved in serving our members in multiple ways!

Outside of the branch, I am quite the busy bee. I have a college degree in Digital Audio Engineering and work at the Vera Project. Needless to say, Seattle’s music scene feels like home. Other things that people generally know about me: I am a raw vegan (80/10/10), I LOVE bananas, the color purple, the environment, and tend to get excited pretty easily about the simple things.

In the fall, I will be attending school for a second degree in Web Design. This blog will be a variety of things that I find interesting and challenging (like running). Mostly, I’m excited to have a platform to talk about bananas.

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  1. shari storm says:

    Great article. May I add one? West Side Baby. They provide essential items for children in need. It might not sound like an earth-friendly organization at first glance, but what a lot of people don’t know is that they recycle car seats and strollers. If you’ve ever had to dispose of one of these huge pieces of plastic, you know that it isn’t easy. I’m sure MANY end up in landfills because so few second hand shops will take them (West Side Baby is the only one I know of). Here is the link:

  2. Danae says:

    Thanks Shari! I’m excited to check them out.

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