We’ve been advertising it all over town. We are offering 10% for 10 months on a $1,000 CD.

10% is a fantastic deal.

All of our marketing materials state that this offer is only good for the month of May. But I’ll let you in on a secret – we aren’t turning anyone away if they come in on Saturday, June 1, to open one up.

So put “visit Verity Credit Union” on your to-do list this Saturday.

Here are more details

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  1. nikki says:

    Darn it! I was out of town and missed this…thought it was through the end of June. 🙁 Any chance you’ll be bringing back the 10% interest for savings again? Thanks!

  2. sharistorm says:

    It might be awhile before rates on savings are up to 10%, however, our Cartwheel Checking account rate is still the best in town. AND you get your ATM fees refunded. Can’t beat that. Sorry you missed the promotion. But we will probably do it again next yearr. Keep a look out. I hope you were out of town on a fabulous vacation?

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