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Do You Believe

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Do You Believe ?

When I was a little girl, Christmas was all about Santa Claus, Christmas carols, Christmas lights and Christmas trees. When I was little girl, Christmas was all about what I wanted most in the world: a Barbie Dream House. And Santa, in his ultimate generosity and to my delirious delight, provided me with just that on Christmas morning.

Now, I didn’t realize at the time how much more fun it is to do the giving rather than the receiving. However, over the years (no, it didn’t really take me years to learn this) I’ve learned that lesson, and recently got a small taste of exactly what it feels like to play Santa to many unsuspecting school children.

Verity hosts a Corporate Citizenship Committee whose sole purpose is dedicated to providing charitable donations to worthy causes in King County. V.E.R.B.S.: Verity Encourages Resources for Back to School is one such cause. Generous members and employees alike donated school supplies and money for those children whose circumstances didn’t allow for their parents to purchase backpacks, pencils and notepads for them for that “back-to-school” debut.

Lea Hills Elementary in Auburn and Asa Mercer Middle School in Beacon Hill were the delighted recipients of the VERBS donations from Verity’s Auburn and Beacon Hill Branches. They expressed grateful appreciation to Verity and our members for their generosity.

leahillsLea Hill’s Principal Ed and the Student Body President, Jackson, stood in front of a beautiful mural at the school to accept Verity’s donation from Operations Manager Robyn, and myself. They received a $561.00 check as well as a variety of school supplies.

At Asa Mercer, Student Body President representatives Adriana and Sade accepted a check for $561.00 as well, in addition to a large tub of school supplies from our Beacon Hill Operations Manager, Tim and me.

asamercerThe pleasure of seeing such happy, smiling faces at the sight of this gift from Verity and our members was such a treat for me personally, that I can hardly wait for our next adventure in giving: Share the Warmth—contributing coats and mittens to homeless children and their mothers here in King County. I have that same little girl anticipation of waiting for Santa, only this time, I’m playing the role of Santa Claus through Verity Credit Union.

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