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Shari Storm on December 7th, 2005 No Comments

Here is a photo of one of the classes Verity Credit Union visited through the Credit University program. The Credit University program is sooooo very cool. There are a couple of reason this program is so cool. The first is because it is a cooperative effort between six credit unions – Verity, Watermark, Sound, Qualstar, Seattle Metropolitan and America’s Credit Union. (could you imagine banks doing something like this?)

We visit the high schools in the area through a woman named Alicia Haus. Alicia was formerly with DFI (Dept. of Financial Institutes). At her old job, she would visit the high schools and talk about financial issues, so she knows the teachers and the teachers know what a great public speaker she is. The students love her. She is engaging and entertaining and highly informative.

If you are a teacher and you want a great speaker to come to your class and talk about saving, budgeting and building good credit, send us an email. If you are a Washington State Credit Union and would like to participate in the program with us, let me know (post your name and CU in the comments section and the administrator will send it to me directly).

The students are learning a lot and the credit unions are getting out in the community. It is a good thing.

Shari Storm

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