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Melanie Mosshart on November 6th, 2008 No Comments

October recently arrived, (and passed) and with it, the start of the holiday season. Wait a tic, the “holiday” season began way back in July when they start putting out Christmas Decorations in Wal-Mart and Hallmark, right?

Well, despite that, the Verity Branch in Auburn plowed into October with our Annual Oktoberfest ~~ an Auburn Chamber After Hours event on the 16th, co-hosted with our favorite gourmet and specialty store, Harry and David. Melinda and Annalisa from Harry & David brought delectible and scumptious delights to eat and supplied beautiful baskets for our Door Prizes. Our event welcomed chamber members, business owners, and any local celebrities who happened to stop by to help us ring in the fall.

This year, once again, we had a wine tasting, presented guests with a Verity wine glass and delicious chocolate truffles from Harry and David. Our distinguished guests had an opportunity to vote in our Pumpkin carving contest for a chance to win baskets of goodies, toasters, and a variety of other Verity good stuff.

Have you ever hosted a wine tasting without a corkscrew? Probably not. You have to have something with which to open the wine with, right? If you don’t have a corkscrew, as in my case however, it causes more than a little trepidation, and believe me when I say that I speak from experience. DeAnna Burnett Keener from the Spyder Lake Winery here in the south end of Seattle, was scheduled as our vintner extraordinaire, and her scheduled arrival was 4:45. My horror arrived when DeAnna didn’t arrive by five, and I frantically looked for a corkscrew while timely chamber members made casual conversation, all the while eyeing the beverage counter in anxious anticipation of a glass of wine.

What financial institution keeps a corkscrew on hand? Not our little branch apparently, althought I may invest in one to avoid this scenario next year. I kept my cool and was ready to simply serve our German beer, no problem. What? No bottle opener either? OMG, I had to break out the Root Beer, yes, Root Beer, twist off the lid, and pour for all to enjoy along with their chips and dip, puff pastry, and Moose Munch from Harry and David! Not quite the same as with wine, right? DeAnna arrived shortly after the second or third Root Beer was served to save the day and lower my blood pressure! By 5:15, everyone lined up to fill their Verity wine glass with savory local wine opened by an elusive corkscrew, brought to us by DeAnna.

The pumpkin contest was a complete hit, with everyone voting for their favorite carved pumpkin: a delicately carved kitty, a Marilyn Monroe (complete with eyelashes and a feather boa), a smirking pumpkin with a pipe, and a funny, smiley face pumpkin. The kitty won the contest and our own Kenressa won the Harry and David gift bag.

What was such a pleasant and welcome surprise was that Auburn’s Mayor, Pete Lewis, and his lovely wife Kathy, also stopped by the Verity Auburn Branch. In fact, Kathy drew the winning names for the door prizes from the basket. In addition, a couple of city council members, Bill Palloza among them, arrived to grace our branch with their presence as well.

For a credit union in a small community to receive such accolades and prominent guests was a real compliment to the staff of Harry and David and Verity Credit Union. Next year perhaps we’ll invite the Governor.

Melanie Mosshart

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