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Cool Company Vehicles

Shari Storm on March 30th, 2005 1 Comment

So, we just put the Verity “V” on our company van. Of course, as soon as we did that, I started noticing other company vans on my commute home. It is a 45 minute commute, so I have a pretty large sample size.

You know what company has a really cool van? Fulks. I checked out their website because I was so intrigued by their vans (I hope someone sees our van and checks out our website – ha ha) Another company that has a cool van is one that says A & E on the side (but I don’t know the company name). It has a big green circle on the side. If you work for the company that has a big A & E on the side of your vans, send me an email!

One thing I don’t like, that I see on the back of buses every single day is that Vonage is using our orange on all of their ads. Of course, we don’t own that orange, but I think it is the exact same PMS. I don’t have anything against Vonage, it is just that we thought that orange was so unique when we chose it for our company color, now I see it every single day. Oh well, I guess there are a lot more companies out there than there are colors. It was bound to happen.

OK, enough about cars on my commute. Get back to work.

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  1. Heather Orbegozo says:

    Hello Storm!

    I just came across this and am so delighted to know that someone out there likes our vans. Thanks for the mention and I will make sure to keep them clean now that I now you are out there watching.

    Best regards, Heather

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