In the early 90’s, I used to give money management classes for Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Seattle. Every once in awhile, someone over the age of 70 would attend a class and I would cringe when I saw them.

Cuz if you’ve ever known anyone who lived through the Great Depression, you, know…. there ain’t nothin’ you can teach them about managing money. They know everything.

I remember one woman telling me when I described the ‘envelope method’ of saving money that taking deposit envelopes from your local bank is free. I also remember a woman telling me that she could use one box of baggies for an entire year. “Rinse them out after every use, Dear” she told me.

I thought of her this morning as I was rinsing out my lunch baggie to insert vegetables for probably the 25th use.

“I didn’t turn on my heat until November 1” my sister told me last week.

“I’m mixing Folgers with my Starbucks” another friend confided.

Well, here is my confession for these challenging economic times.

I’m showering at my gym.

Big whoop, right?

Well… think about it. I use their water and their electricity to blow dry my hair. I’m even using the “hair / body shampoo” from their squirter. So it’s a weird blue color. I’m sure it’s just as good as the Paul Mitchell I used to use. Now THAT saves me some money. Next month I’m cutting my hair short short so I don’t have to buy conditioner any more either. That stuff adds up!

What are you doing?

Shari Storm

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  1. Jim Jerving says:

    Shari, both my parents lived thrugh the depression and came from low income families. I think that being thrify adds a spiritual dimension to your life as well. I know my mother would never throw anything away from living through the depression years. Going through this recession might force all of us to be more thrifty and might be a side benefit. Good Post!

  2. We’ve stopped buying paper towels at my house and now we use rags. I also ride my bike as often as possible, rather than driving. I always buy most of my clothing from resale shops as well. This all seems to save quite a bit…This year I’ve even managed to keep the heater at 60 degrees and I’ve been warm enough. Last year we were setting it at 74 degrees. I enjoy being thrifty – for some reason it makes me feel accomplished.

  3. Karen Scooros says:

    I save all of my jars and containers from condiments and use them for spices that I buy in bulk from QFC. Paying ten cents for bay leaves is way better than paying four dollars for the same amount!

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