My heightened sense of food appreciation is NOT the same thing as gluttony

I recently tried to make my personalized list of “life’s simple pleasures.” Approximately 1 minute and 38 seconds later, I realized that over 95% of my list was food or food-related. Aside from the obligatory long walks on the beach, stickers, and puppies, I was hard-pressed to fill my list with things I didn’t eat.

At first, I was disappointed with myself. “What have I become?” With further thought, I came to the conclusion that it really isn’t so bad. We need food for survival; we share it with friends and family; it lingers in our heads with our memories; it’s a simple method of instant gratification; and we even consider it a hobby to cook, garden, or to simply learn more and try new things. Food can make us nostalgic, adventurous, satiated, and down-right happy- amongst other emotions.

Wow, yeah! Food is awesome! I’m feeling great about this now. My heightened sense of food appreciation is NOT the same thing as gluttony.

Although, through the justification process, I also realized that I am really lucky to have such great “simple pleasures.” Many are not so fortunate, and it’s hard for me to see that because it hasn’t happened to me. But wait! ‘Tis the season, right? So, I went out to the grocery store to pick up non-perishable donations for our food drive. Plus, besides the food drives going on at our branches, there are tons of places to donate to! Not to mention, I think adding “sharing 95% of my life’s simple pleasures with those less fortunate” counts as a non-consumable addition to my list.

Karen Scooros

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