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Le Ann Langston on August 29th, 2012 1 Comment

I’m a big believer in Co Ops.

I’m a big believer in Co Ops. The fact that I work for a Credit Union is probably enough to testify to this fact. However, I also participate on the board of my daughter’s co op preschool. Cooperative organizations are great because everyone can be part of the action.

As my daughter’s preschool is nearing the beginning of the year I am really seeing the cooperative spirit in action. At our board meeting Monday night we all came together made some great decisions, delegated work efficiently and had a good time. I left the meeting excited remembering all the things that are great about being involved in a co op.

If you aren’t familiar with what a co op preschool looks like I’ll tell you. Our particular preschool is affiliated with Edmonds Community College. The parents make up our board of directors and membership. Being affiliated with the college means that the parents are students and we are earning credit for our time at meetings and in the classroom. Once a month at our Parent Meetings we have an education portion lead by an instructor. The topics are relevant to our child’s age group and are really fascinating. It is also a great opportunity to share war stories.

While we have paid teachers the parents are also in the classroom. I love this part! It is great to be in the classroom one day a week (only a couple hour commitment) and experience first hand my daughter’s education and socialization. Let’s face it if I relied on getting the information from her I would not know anything. My daughter is 4 going on 14. Which means that I when I ask what she did today I often hear, nothing. So, being in the classroom is a great way to see that she is doing something.

Serving on non profit board is another great way to get involved. This will be my second year on the preschool board. In those years, I’ve formed friendships with other moms and been able to be part of the decision making process for the school.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with cooperatives or experiences on non profit boards.

Le Ann Langston

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  1. Charnell Morud says:

    I also participated in co-op preschool when my son was younger and served on the Board. Mine was affiliated with Shoreline Community College and is celebrating over 30 years serving our local families. The strong sense of community, educational experience for myself and son and the lasting friendships that we formed have been priceless. The small time commitment to be in the class and help in teaching our kids was so much fun that it wasn’t work at all. I now serve on their alumni committee, 4 years after graduating from preschool! I highly recommend parents of preschoolers to go check out their local co-op. You get to learn and grow right along with your children. What an amazing experience to share.

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