Thinking of what to write this month, Earnest Hemingway came to mind who once wrote – “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” As we have not all travelled through both civil and world wars for the perspective of Hemingway, we may occasionally find ourselves with a temporary lack of ‘material’ to write. Although this can seem utterly implausible when combining the events of the world and our own lives, the forum in which we write can be a somewhat exclusive fishbowl at times. The very act of writing can be quite visceral and in not in alignment with the needs of our audience. Professional journals, BLOGS, newsletters, or updates; the material must be crafted for the audience. This presents the recurrent dilemma of providing meaningful content while eschewing geo-political or socially charged happenings of the time.

So within that context, we can always focus on being part of something larger than ourselves. A certain recent victory by a local sports team reminded us of that euphoric aura which pervades achievements greater than we could have hoped to accomplish on our own. The vicarious Seahawks experience reminded me of my youth and experiencing the joy of a perfect season by the Miami Dolphins. The illusory nature of perfection does not seem to inhibit us from striving for that moment of euphoria in our own lives.

From that early launching point, as most of us have, I have been a part of countless teams from athletic endeavors at the highest level, to business organizations and project teams. Whether standing on a hillside with a World Championship in hand and energy to spare, being utterly exhausted after a hard fought victory and still coming up short of a title, or enduring the months long challenges of projects and overarching annual goals in the business world, there is a sublime and incomparable satisfaction to achieving goals which are unattainable by ourselves.

Imagine all the rescue operations, surgical procedures, corporate strategies, professional sports, and the one thing in common is that the success of the whole is predicated on the near symphonic harmony and sacrifice of all players in their roles. Even in sports where an element of stardom may exist, outliers are generally admonished if they are not making the necessary sacrifices for the success of the team.

In our careers, as in our world today at large, we are sometimes faced with seemingly insurmountable goals. Yet working together these goals are achievable. It furthers us to have a purpose, to be part of a larger group, just as it elevates us to lift our team to success with our best efforts. We should leave nothing undone through lack of effort. We should with an equal passion and energy, rejuvenate ourselves each day. So that we may again bring everything we have to the effort. Perhaps we then can write, as if we were Hemingway himself, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Tony Pellicane

Hi, I’m Tony. I started with Verity in July of 2013, working with CUHMS in the Servicing Department as the Mortgage Servicing Supervisor. I spend much of my free time competing in flying disc sports, mostly freestyle Frisbee these days. I’ve traveled all over the world and most enjoy traveling to anyplace I’ve never been before (of course there are spectacular exceptions). I enjoy photography, art, dance, science, nature, and flying of any sort. Before moving to Seattle a year ago, I lived in San Diego; before that was Miami, with a stop in Gainesville, Florida on the way to San Diego. I became a huge Seahawk fan in 2009 after being a Dolphin fan from the glory days. I fell in love with the astoundingly beautiful country in the Northwest while visiting friends and practicing freestyle over the past few years and finally decided to move in 2010. Now having lived in three of the four corners of the US, I plan on retiring in Maine years from now. Hope you enjoy the writing.

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