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September 21st the Fremont Arts Council celebrated the Autumn Equinox with Luminata, the 12th annual lantern parade around Greenlake.  Lanterns are a beautiful way to mark the waning of summer and the coming of  Fall with it’s shortened days. The ceremony started with a lighted boat carrying the King and Queen of Summer. As the…

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Eclipse Fever

Debbie Schorzman on August 30th, 2017 No Comments

I will avoid the Bonnie Tyler references and just say that the solar eclipse on August 21st made a believer out of me. Initially I thought that it sounded interesting and I had vague recollections of elementary school lessons about pinhole cameras, but I couldn’t help wondering if the hype was too much. It was…

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We’re a little late to the game this month now that our wonderful blog is full of so many vibrant new voices!  Below are some of our consistent headliners and a family recipe from way WAY back when. When was the last time you visited the Woodland Park Zoo?  Now is a great time to…

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