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The words: We will…Promote strong and viable communities. So, what is a strong community and what is a viable community? And how does Verity actually go about promoting them? These are wonderful words in our mission statement, but are they just words on paper, or are they more than that? Strong: I have a new…

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Tony Pellicane


Tony Pellicane on October 29th, 2014 No Comments

There is a fun little deal on the jumbo-tron each Seahawks game called “City Comparison”. Thinking it might be interesting to look at a City Comparison of my own using 3 cities. Maybe three will be even more entertaining so here we go. POPULAR RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY San Diego = Walking on scenic beaches. Seattle =…

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It’s a funny thing being the fan of a sports team. Perhaps for some people it’s simply blind faith and that seems a really great way to go. Yet I continue to experience my fan paradox within the context of engagement as I travel down the path of fandom. Additionally, the community and social aspects…

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