building envy

Terrell on April 6th, 2006 1 Comment

Verity has new neighbors. Where there once stood a decrepit Barnaby’s and a vacant parking lot, now stands a brand spankin’ new medical office building. We’ve watched the construction process for months and months, and finally our new neighbors are moving in, my dentist among them.

Yesterday I had my first dentist appointment in the new building. As I sat in the chair, waiting to get my teeth drilled, I noted that I was facing our Member Service Center and that anyone could just look out across the way and watch me get my fillings. I was uncomfortable about this, but my dentist assured me that with all the equipment and people hanging over me, there wouldn’t be much to see. Then she asked, “Is that your lunch room on the third floor over there?” I told her it was. “And, are those vending machines?” Yes. “And can you go outside on that balcony and eat lunch out there in the sun?” Indeed. Then she asked jokingly, “Can we come over and eat lunch with you?”

So, I kind of gave an open invitation to my dentist and her staff to join me for lunch over on the third floor patio at Verity. Is that weird? It’s kind of like Verity is that high school friend’s house that you always wanted to hang out at. You know, the house that had the pool and the big screen TV and the fridge that was always stocked with soda.


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  1. WRH says:

    I will also be visiting the dentist in a few months. Everyone should feel free to watch. No charge.

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