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Terrell on September 20th, 2006 No Comments

Last year Laurel and I attended the Blog Business Summit; read my shout out here. Well, the Summit is back and this time Shari, our VP/CMO, is joining us for 3 days of fun.

Seriously, as far as conferences and seminars go, this is one of my favorites. And it’s not just because it’s held at the beautiful Bell Harbor Conference Center, although that is a big plus.

This conference couldn’t come at a better time. Last week we attended a session on social media at the Washington Credit Union League convention put on by Trey Reeme and Brent Dixon of Trabian and OpenSourceCU, and now we are full of ideas about how to take our blog to the next level.

If you are reading this post, you probably already get blogs and understand a little about what they are and how they are changing the face of today’s media landscape. But, there are so many people out there who still think blogs are just wordier versions of MySpace profiles. I’m just glad that Verity is progressive enough to understand and appreciate this form of communication. It makes me proud to work here.

Stay tuned for more posts about the Summit!


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