Birthday Goals

Alyssa Kier on October 7th, 2015 No Comments

It is that time of year again and I’m not talking about pumpkin spice lattes or boots and warm scarves, it is my birthday month! I’ve been reflecting in the past week or so on my life and my goals and where I want to end up later in life and it is kind of frightening to be quite honest. Nobody tells you after you get out of high school and become an “adult” how to do real life things. They just kind of throw you out into the world and now all the things you couldn’t do less than a year ago, now you can. You have more freedom, but with more freedom come responsibilities. I have been on a journey of learning as I go and also learning how to be an independent and start my own life essentially. The past couples of weeks I have set some goals for myself that I want to accomplish in the next couple of years moving forward, which include:

  1. Going back to school

I was nervous of going to school right out of high school for several reasons. The biggest factor was debt and graduating college with a degree that I forced myself into because I needed to just get through college. I know a lot of people who graduated great colleges, but with degrees that they are having trouble using and getting stuck with a job that they needed to pay off student loans. I was uninterested in getting stuck in the same position so I wanted to work and figure out my passions and interests in life and go from there. After almost 6 years of taking an educational hiatus I am going back to school!

  1. Start saving

I never realized how difficult it is to actually save money. When you are young it is easy because you have no responsibilities right? Well now it almost seems impossible to save money and to stay in budget. Trust me, I know this is going to be a hard goal to accomplish, but I have to start somewhere and every little bit counts.

  1. Take care of me

I will admit, I haven’t been the healthiest person lately and everyone goes through their seasons of commitment to their health and some people are just wired that way to put themselves first. I am not one of those people and I love food (a little too much sometimes). This goal is more geared to finding the perfect balance of being happy and content with where I am at in life and not being so hard on myself when I skip a workout or indulge every once in a while.

As another year goes by, I hope my goals can inspire others to make their own goals and see what the next year will bring!


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