As Terrell mentions below, us Marketing folk will be returning to the Bell Harbor International Conference Center along Seattle’s lovely waterfront to learn more about blogs at the Blog Business Summit. Blogs appear to have taken up the prime real estate on my brain recently due to the fact that 1) it helped our website win the Spectrum Award from the Washington Credit Union League (again!) and 2) Our We Are V fans at Trabian talked about blogs and other social media at the WCUL Conference last week. My head is swimming with ideas on how we can redesign our blog, create new blogs, utilize podcasts and viral video, and on and on…

So why are we blogging about this? For one, I think conferences are a great way to network and get a fresh perspective on the new technologies out there. Two, in my line of work, you can’t afford to work in a vaccuum. And, to be perfectly honest, the kind folks sponsoring the Business Blog Summit will discount conference fees if we blog and link about it. I’m all for saving money and promoting the heck out of blogs and those who encourage blogging, so there you go.

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