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Jennifer Worley on March 1st, 2013 No Comments

That’s right I am suffering from a case of baby fever. There are so many women that I know having babies right now. I have two cousins that just had a baby girl and baby boy. My next door neighbor just had twins!! I can’t even escape the baby news when I come to work since Kira at our Alderwood branch just had her little boy and Crystal at our Federal Building is also expecting. I feel like there are babies all around me!

I am sure most of us know how babies are made and well just because I have baby fever doesn’t mean my husband does. We ran into a couple of friends the other day who asked us about having our second child and I was more than willing to gush about how I was ready for round two. I thought the cat had my husband’s tongue because he wasn’t answering. Actually it wasn’t the cat at all, it was our son who was running rampant that allowed for my husband to excuse himself from the question.

To be fair I understand why my husband may not want another child right now. Here are a few reasons why my husband is reluctant to have number two.

  1. We are currently potty training! Enough said!
  2. For a long time our son thought our bed was a family bed
  3. We own a TV, but we only watch kid shows or Disney/Pixar movies
  4. Items are misplaced quite often , for example I recently found a cardboard container in our toilet
  5. My son used to be all smiles when we would pick him up from the sitter, now he will yell at us to go away when we come in the house.
  6. Everything is MINE!
  7. He has more toys than he knows what to do with, but if you take one away he know exactly which one is missing
  8. His laundry builds up faster than ours

The thought of a little tiny baby in my arms just warms my heart. My tiny baby is now 2, and half the size of me. He only wants to be in my arms on his terms, which is hardly ever. I know this fever will pass, and I can think of quite a few good reasons why it should. However, I am going to let it stew for a bit and I will pester my husband too!

Jennifer Worley

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