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Aw yeah, share the love!

Daryl Rother on February 14th, 2007 No Comments

On this special Valentine’s Day posting I wanted to share the love. (Is someone’s HR Alert sounding?) In this case I’m talking about employee referrals. We have many employees who come to Verity through referral by another employee. Not only does this make my job easier, it also helps us foster a dynamic corporate culture. Kathleen Miller, one of our Member Service Reps at our Beacon Hill Branch, recounted her story:

“Last Fall I was pondering going to work for a former boss at a large financial institution when I ran into my neighbor, Melanie Mosshart, at our mailboxes. She is always fun to talk to and was really excited to tell me about her new job at Verity.
After hearing her rave about the company and discussing some of the products, my interest was definitely peaked. She gave me a promotional Passport card and said that she’d let me know if she found out of any openings. I got online and checked Verity out. It’s pretty rare to hear someone talk about their job and company in such positive light so I checked it out! I applied for a position at the Beacon Hill branch during the 10 for 10 promotion and anticipated waiting to hear anything when I got a friendly call from the HR department! The hiring and training process was an absolute breeze and having medical insurance available right away, (even for part time!), that’s amazing to me.

I am very happy here and have learned a lot already. As far as Verity University, the self study STAR books and online training is really helpful. Other companies that I have worked for seem more interested in production than encouraging their employees to further their education. I have met a lot of really fun and talented people here at Verity and it has all been a really positive experience for me!”

Call me a nerd, but it really excites me to hear stories like these. Kathleen – and don’t call her Kathy – has since transitioned into a fulltime role at the branch. She exhibits a lot of great attributes that we look for in Verity employees. I’m happy to say that this is just one example – I’d need another set of fingers to count all the referrals we currently have at Verity. Now that’s sharing the love…in an HR appropriate way, of course. 🙂

Daryl Rother

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