Naturally, you have already been being careful to stretch your paychecks.  Now that the furlough has lasted over 30 days and counting…more people are seeking assistance.  Here are some ideas to check into if you need some help:

  • Furlough loans:  Verity is offering furlough loans as well as a few other institutions such as Washington Federal.  Furlough loans are designed to replace paychecks.  Amounts and terms vary by institution.
  • Skip payments:  Creditors may be offering skip payments for automobile, recreational vehicle and personal loans.  A skip payment usually will defer one payment.  Some institutions are waiving the fee for furloughed workers.
  • Loan extensions:  You may be able to receive a loan extension for automobile, recreational vehicle and personal loans.  An extension typically offers a two month deferment of a monthly payment although policies can vary by institution.
  • School lunch assistance:  You may temporarily qualify for free or reduced school lunches.  Contact your school district for information.
  • Food Assistance:  Check in with your local food banks about assistance. While I know this is a difficult choice for many, it can help and there is no judgment when you utilize their services.
  • Utilities:  Check in with your utility companies.  While they may not have coverage for a bill, they are likely to be willing to work out payment arrangements.

If you would like to speak with a financial coach about your concerns while furloughed, please reach out to  I can meet with Verity members and we also partner with GreenPath who  provides financial coaching and education.  Check them out at

Charnell Morud

Charnell is one of Verity’s financial counselors.

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