This past weekend Amalia, Barton, Shannon and I took a trip east on I-90 expecting to hike a trail that would take us to Snow Lake at Alpental. We were hyped up for this trip for about a week, and Amalia (our group leader who’s a seasoned hiker with The Mountaineers, a group that’s into serious outdoor activities) had sent a few emails informing us what gear we would need to bring for our hike. I found it funny that she included compasses and water purifiers on the list since she had told us it was a very mild trek. Barton and I knew she was just pulling our legs and being funny trying to get us all worried about what we were getting into.

We met up, then hopped in her car and set out for our hike early Sunday morning. I had packed everyone delicious chicken sandwiches and Amalia brought a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers for the picnic we planned to have when we got to Snow Lake. Within the first 15 minutes of our hike into the wilderness we realized we weren’t on the right trail – oops! In fact, we weren’t on a trail at all. No biggie, we walked back to the parking lot where all the other hikers were parked and found the right trail. And the fun begins!

Apparently the four of us are really good at missing signs on the trail. After the first two miles we unknowingly missed the turn leading us to the lake! So what did we end up doing? We climbed further up the mountain – yes, mountain – and found ourselves doing some serious bouldering; I felt like a mountain goat. We found ourselves close to the peak of this mountain in the middle of a snow patch and it was a sight to behold. The view was amazing and we got to make snow angels, have snow ball fights, eat and drink our food and wine on a granite slab and sunbathe in the 85 degree weather. It was a perfect, unexpected day and although we never made it to Snow Lake, it’s another excuse and opportunity to go back. I love that my co-workers are also my friends and that we can share such wonderful experiences and unexpected adventures. Thanks guys!

Sterling Roszel

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  1. Sasha says:

    That sounds like a wonderful adventure, Sterling! Those sorts of things do happen, which is why it’s key to come prepared with the 10 Essentials. Of course, the 10 essentials should be adapted to the 12 essentials to include wine and cheese. 🙂 Glad you all had fun and were safe!

  2. Mary Sevilla says:

    2 other essentials: – cell phn (have been known to save lives key to mountain rescues); and – credit card (in case a camping trip turns into an unexpected extended road trip/overnighter, prefer a hotel’s nice warm bed to a cold tent on hard ground) ;o}

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