Frequently relationships that are worth while usually involve some hard work. In Member Solutions most of the relationships we have are not only completely necessary for everyone involved but worth all the effort we each contribute.

People are working hard to get through these tricky times and/or simply get by. All of us here at Verity are working with, and for our members to find ways to help members as well as the numerous others in the community that may benefit from what we come up with.

At Verity and particularly in Member Solutions, we are people that are pro active for our members and the community we live and work in. We are not fair weather friends. To the contrary, we are frequently the people that members get to work with when things are not going so smoothly. Or the people that members get to work with to prevent or avoid things going awry. This is not an easy task and we do not take our jobs lightly.

We do however; greatly enjoy working with our members and the community. We encounter situations where the work is rewarded with numerous benefits. Not the least of which being the establishing of relationships that function well and flourish. We also enjoy getting to know the people who are our members and those that make up our community.

My favorite thing about working within a credit union is the people that I encounter, the relationships that are created and the amazing solutions that we produce when we work together. Our members and the greater community around us are crucial. Alone we are extremely limited. With each other we are unlimited in the scope of what we can accomplish for ourselves and far beyond.

Sometimes when working intensely to solve all these tough situations one may think of the person on the other end of the phone as just a means to an end, a machine that has to be figured out, conquered and not another human being with situations of their own. I think we all have experienced this in some capacity, at one time or another.

I suppose my hope is that when anyone contacts Verity Credit Union the experience will be one people will come away from feeling better than they did going into it, if for no other reason than having human contact maybe sharing a laugh or the beginnings of a working relationship, connecting in a way that could never be done with a machine or automated system.

Shannon Callahan

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  1. Sasha says:

    Shannon, the work you and your team does every day is life-changing. When I am asked questions about the CU Difference, I am so proud to tell people about our Member Solutions team. It goes back to the founding cooperative principles: People helping people. It’s beautiful, like you.

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