6.75% APY… that is, if you do the things you need to this cycle – have electronic statements, log on to home banking and have 12 debit transactions post.

The tricky part about June is that it ends on a Monday. Don’t forget, a “cycle” for Velocity ends the second to the last day of the month – in other words, Sunday. And debit transactions don’t post on Sundays.

That means you need to have your debit transactions post by Saturday. Some places can take up to FIVE days to post their debit transactions.

Today I looked at my home banking account. I have this nifty system where I go into “edit” on my account transactions and put a number next to my debit transactions so I can count how many I do each cycle.

Well, when I logged into day, I realized I’m only at 11.

Ack! I could just see myself doing my 12th transaction at a place that takes five days to post and missing my 6.75% APY because of it.

So I did a quick email out to my friends at the branches, asking them who posts the fastest.

Wanna know what I found out?

Gas stations are usually good. 7-11s post almost immediately. Grocery stores (specifically QFC and Safeway) are fast.

So if you are like me and need one more debit transaction, get out there and fill up your gas tank (gulp) or, like I did at lunch, go buy yourself a Snickers.

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