Here’s a refreshing thought…instead of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, just BUY NOTHING! I first heard about Buy Nothing Day (BND) a few years ago when I was living in Boston. At the time, it was quite easy for me to participate in BND because I had no money to spend anyway. Considering the fact that I dislike traffic and crowds and that I am almost the opposite of a shopaholic (would that be a shopaphobe?), it’s almost like this “holiday” was made just for me.

Now, I know there are good sales the day after Thanksgiving and I am not morally against going out and spending money, but the money I’d save wouldn’t mean as much to me as spending that time in ways I truly enjoy. So, if you’re the least bit like me, start a new holiday tradition this year and skip the malls on Friday. You might just like it!


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