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A New Life

Melina Young on September 11th, 2015 No Comments

My husband and I recently moved to a new place. It is much further from work (sad) but closer to my stepson (yay!) – which is the reason we moved in the first place. The move has many adjustments that we are getting used to: new commute, earlier schedule, different city, smaller place…you get the idea.

First, is my commute. I know that you would have no way of knowing this, dear reader, but I am writing this to you from my train – the first leg of my commute into work. (Train, then bus). It takes a while to get to work, but there is no traffic (excluding my bus back into Seattle after work – that one takes a while) and I can get some items off my to do list. Lots of audio books and blog posts in my future! Honestly, even though I was only 10 miles away from work previously, the traffic made it take forever. An average of 40 minutes in traffic each day (dislike). So, this new commute is actually better (not shorter mind you, but still better in many ways) than before – victory!

One reason I have less traffic to endure is because I have shifted my schedule to start earlier (thank you Verity!) – and this has been the biggest adjustment. Let me tell you, the sound of my alarm at 4:40 a.m. is not a welcome one. I know, I am not the only person getting up earlier – made obvious by the plethora of other commuters on this train – and I will get used to it soon. But, one week in I am still a bit sleepy in the a.m. I have started prepping my meals in advance (win!) and I plan to start picking out my outfits the night before to save time (every minute counts – the train waits for no one). So, the earlier schedule is helping me to be more efficient – a plus!

Next is the different city. This one is actually a bit of an exaggeration as we have lived around here before (grew up very close by) but the area we are in is new to us for sure. We are in downtown Auburn, which is actually really awesome. It has all the benefits of downtown (several restaurants and stores in walking distance, farmers market, fun events right outside our door, a train station across the street) without being so crowded and busy like downtown Seattle. I told my husband this weekend as we were walking back from the farmer’s market that it felt very “mom and pop” or “Route 66” to me – what I think towns used to be like. It has a real sense of community that I like. It makes me feel welcome. This, clearly, is a big check in the “pro” column for our new life.

Last, is the smaller place. This could sound like a negative, but it has been really great in a lot of ways. We did a major purge of excess stuff (I highly recommend The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo if you are looking for tips on getting organized and living a tidier lifestyle). We got furniture that is better suited to the size of our place and, while we still have some quirks to work through (no pantry!), we are getting there. This new place feels more like “home” than anywhere we have lived, regardless of its square footage.

For all you parents out there, you know there is one concern reigns above all the others. I am pleased to report that my stepson loves the new place and really appreciates that we are closer to him. Everything else is just extra stuff in my book. Family is so important and I can’t wait to see where our new life takes us.

Melina Young

My name is Melina Young and I am the director of marketing at Verity Credit Union. I love everything to do with marketing, advertising, public relations and social media – especially all the research that goes into making a product or service really work for our members and making sure the right people hear about it. In addition to my time spent marketing, I have a blog and write about celiac disease, which I was diagnosed with in 2010. Basically, I can’t eat any of those foods we all love that are made with wheat, barley or rye.

I have also recently started running and completed my first 5k in 2011. Some people may not know that I used to do a lot of acting, dancing and singing in my life. I was in a Nike commercial with Gary Payton in junior high (if anyone ever finds the footage please send it my way!) and I used to compete as an opera singer in high school. I almost majored in musical theater in college, but I’m very glad with my decision to study marketing!

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