A Meme: Three Habits

Terrell on January 24th, 2006 No Comments

Here’s another meme I ran across while reading a few of my favorite blogs: share three quirky habits you have at work. I love memes because they give you a topic to blog about, which is half the work. Plus, they can be really fun. I hope some of my fellow bloggers will participate. Oh yeah, you can change the meme if you want. For example, you can write about 3 of your most successful habits, or 3 habits you wish you had. I’m going to mix it up.

My quirky habit is that ever since I heard that a desk has 5 times more germs on it than a toilet seat, I have to wipe my desk down almost every day.

A habit I am proud of is that I have learned to be more proactive, rather than reactive. For example, when something unexpected comes up, I take a breath and think about the situation before I react. I have realized that even when something is urgent, I still have time to think things through. This makes me feel less stressed, more in control and a lot easier to be around.

One habit I would love to perfect is goal setting/planning. I find it hard to think about the future sometimes because I try and live in the present. But, like the 7 Habits course taught me, you have to Begin With The End In Mind. This year is the first I’ve made goals for myself professionally. And just writing them down on paper and putting them in plain view on my desk has helped to keep them in the forefront of my mind.


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