Our financial counselor included me on an email she sends to potential clients. I think it’s an important message about the help we can offer our members, so I’m posting the letter here:

I am glad you have set an appointment with me.

I have been working with people on personal budgets and paying off debt for over 15 years. Despite the negativity in the media about how difficult it is to have mortgage lenders work with consumers, I want to reassure you that Verity is absolutely committed to helping members who sincerely want to remain in their home. We are able to provide potential solutions on the first visit and can complete a modification within a month from start to finish. We look at all aspects of your individual situation to find the solution that will work for you.

I have worked for Verity for over two years and have been successful in helping members work through both temporary and long term financial issues. Some members have received short term help such as a loan extension modification to bring their mortgage current. Others have been given substantial help such as reduced interest rates on a graduated payment scale. Some mortgage payments have been reduced by hundreds of dollars each month. You do not have to qualify under the Making Home Affordable Program to receive help from us.

Please know that Verity Credit Union is genuine in offering you help and has a strong history of providing members the relief they need. I know it is hard to ask for help but there is nothing to be ashamed of. Many, many people are experiencing difficulty. The financial counseling is not a bad thing, it is a good thing!

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Shari Storm

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  1. Andi says:

    That is a great, positive message, it is cheaper to get financials straightened out up front than to let them get in serious arrears, and try and get them straightened out. Keep up the good work.

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