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A Day In The Life

Justin Martin on March 31st, 2005 1 Comment

One purpose of this blog is to give people some perspective of what it is like at Verity. With that in mind I thought why not write about a typical day here.

Before I get started I just want to say that all the facts are correct (well correct according to how I perceived them) and none of the names have been changed. This is reality blogging at its best. So sit back and enjoy.

8:00 – Got to work and found a parking spot right away. It is already a good day.

8:05 – I forgot to mention that I have spent the weekend in Vegas watching my beloved Kentucky Wildcats lose a heartbreaker. I will now spend the next half hour catching up on e-mail and trying to forget about that loss (every day it becomes a little easier to accept).

8:19 – Sara (the advanced teller at our Auburn branch) just attended a compliance council in Federal Way. She is enrolled in our internal university (this is where I brag about how we won an award for outstanding university program from CUNA) and majoring in internal audit. She is competing with a couple other employees to be the first graduate from the university and just sent me an e-mail to reimburse her for the costs. The fact that Verity provides these opportunities really shows the emphasis there is on personal and professional growth.

8:45 – Leave to go perform training at our Alderwood branch. Say goodbye to my parking spot and can only hope there is one when I get back. It really is an emotional goodbye.

9:15 – Arrive at Alderwood and conduct training on our core system. They ask some very intelligent questions and the training goes well. If you ever have a chance you should visit that branch they are good people (and no I’m not just sucking up I really mean it).

10:00 – Get in my car and think to myself, man the Killers are a good group. Then I change the CD. Still doesn’t change the fact that the Killers are a good group, I just have been listening to them a little too much.

10:20 – Arrive back at the Northgate branch (where I work) and find that my parking spot is gone. Sadness overwhelms me.

10:25 – Finally find a spot a couple blocks away. Sadness turns into rage which becomes acceptance.

10:30 – I am e-mailed with a situation regarding the OSI system. Tina (my boss) had been working on it on Monday and we brainstorm a solution. She contributes cookies which are delicious. I would like to thank the cookies for being so delicious…oh yeah and Tina for the help.

11:20 – I am starving right now and decide to get some lunch; usually I don’t get hungry till much later. I don’t know why I just wrote that, I am sure that nobody really cares about my eating habits. Oh well it is my blog so there you go.

11:25 – Get some sushi from QFC. Now it is a commonly known fact that sushi is delicious but most people don’t know that there is quality sushi at QFC. That “Q” really does stand for quality! I feel I should be charging them for advertising right now. Maybe at least this could get me some free sushi.

12:15 – Return to find that no parking spots have opened up. That nice spot I had this morning is only a distant memory.

12:30 – Start writing this blog (everything from this point on is live). Reliving what has been a pretty uneventful morning.

12:45 – Get into a discussion with the CFO (Randy) and HR and Training Director (Tina) about what is better, a bowl of chocolate M&Ms or a bowl of peanuts. The obvious answer is the M&Ms but they both fail to see it that way. What poor misguided souls.

1:30 – Conduct a training for the consumer lending department. I really mean it when I say that the people that work here are great. If you ever need a car loan I encourage you to check us out. Not only do we offer competitive rates we have very competent people.

2:15 – Start working on some improvements to our new hire training. I’ll spare you the details but it is actually pretty interesting stuff. Well at least to me.

3:00 – Conduct another quick training. Hey it is what I am paid to do.

4:00 – It is always good when a process is improved. Thanks to the help of our marketing analyst, Jae Lee, operation managers are now able to update the goals of their staff. It is more efficient for them and also takes HR out of the process, saving valuable time to do things like write this blog.

5:15 – Time to go home. Well now you have seen a typical day at Verity. I also have to mention that during the course of the day a lot of candy was eaten. That is another thing about working here; there is always plenty of access to candy. Just one last random thought to leave you with.

Justin Martin

Justin started his long career at Verity as a summer intern. After leaving to pursue a degree in human resource management at Western Washington University, he returned to what he describes as “one of the strongest environments I have seen in terms of focus on their employees.” During his time here, Verity has been recognized with multiple awards ranging from employee development initiatives to overall work environment. Justin holds an MBA from Seattle University along with being an honors graduate from Western CUNA Management School and a certified Credit Union Development Educator.

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  1. Alissa Thomson says:

    Justin, you’re making way too many people jealous at the fact that working here is pretty freakin sweet. On that note, I believe you might be sucking up a little to us here at the Alderwood branch… but who are we to argue?

    P.S. M&M’s are definately the way to go.

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