A Cash of Hope

Erwin Mendoza on February 9th, 2011 No Comments

Recently, the son of a former employee of Verity lost his battle with cancer.

Cash Parriera was only two years old when the rare and inoperable brain cancer, primitive neuroectodermal, took his life.

His mother, Wendy, was always a cheerful, helpful, well-respected member of the Verity team. Although she hasn’t worked at the credit union for over a decade, the note about Cash went out to many of us – a testament of the friendships she cultivated while she was at the credit union.

Our hearts go out to the Parriera family and all of the other families in our community who have children suffering from life threatening diseases.

In March, Verity will be supporting the Star Guild American Girl Fashion Show by purchasing a table. All proceeds go to help Children’s Hospital. We have learned first hand how wonderful Children’s Hospital is when our own Josh Dickerson claimed victory over his cancer last fall.

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