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There is something about penguins that just make people smile. Maybe it’s the way they waddle. Or the way they interact with each other. Or the way they play. Or the way they glide under the water with unexpected grace.

Here at Verity, we love penguins for all of those reasons. And that’s why our branches are filled with cuddly, stuffed penguins looking for their forever home with our newest young Verity members.

plush penguins waiting for their forever home

So, how do you get a penguin? Open a new youth membership! And not only will you get a penguin… you will also get $25 to star the account!* Just mention YOUTH25 when you join.

Youth accounts at Verity also include an annual reimbursement for fees related to activities outside of school. Use the activity reimbursement to help pay for sports, summer camps, art lessons, and more. Depending on the age of the kid, they are eligible for $20-$40 in reimbursements each year.

And youth accounts are a great way to help teach your child how to save, or encourage your teenager to spend wisely. Teens are eligible to open a checking account (including a debit card) as long as they have a parent or guardian as a joint member on the account.

If you want a penguin, you better act soon! The offer is good until December 31 or all the penguins find their forever homes. Youth accounts must be opened in a branch by…

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