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I didn’t need the tiny house trend to convince me life is easier when you live small. In my 20s I lived on a boat for a few years.  You basically had one of everything:  One spork, one mug, one (very small) dog… you get it.

Because I didn’t have space for kitchen gadgets on a boat, I didn’t really learn to covet them. With the exception of the tiniest espresso maker ever carried by Target, my kitchen was a mostly gadget-free zone until about a decade ago.  Still, I never got beyond the basics.

That was, until FOMO set in. You know, the Fear of Missing Out?  Anyway, it was instigated by posts that started popping up on my Facebook.  ‘Cook a 3 pound chicken in 18 minutes!’  Wait a second!  What?!?  I love to cook and one of my favorite Sunday suppers is a roast chicken.  ‘From Counter to Table in 1 Hour – Beef Stew!’  How could this be possible?  Homemade mac –n-cheese in minutes.  Steamed rice in seconds (well, five minutes, but you know what I mean).  The speed with which the Instant Pot accomplishes these things is down to the Pressure Cooker function and it really delivers.

My memories of pressure cookers harken back to the 1970s when my mom would make us leave the kitchen before she opened her pot. “Just in case it explodes”, she would say.  Um, yeah, you don’t need to tell me twice!  The fact that she had been burned by it…

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