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Photo of Do you know your NUMBERS?

Knowing our health stats is the first step ...

Robin Dowdy on February 11th, 2014 @ 02:20 PM 1 comment
In the next two weeks, the employees at Verity are getting Fat Tested. That is right. PacMed is sending some health screeners to our branches and corporate office to give each of us the opportunity to see how fat (and healthy) we really are. This is effort to help us all become a little healthier. And, I am on the team of people bringing this torture to our company.

Why, oh why would we do this to our friends and colleagues? Several reasons.

First, as a company, Verity is committed to its employees’ and members’ overall well-being. Our physical health greatly impacts all other aspects of our lives. Financially, the number one cause of bankruptcy in America is medical bills. One medical crisis can wipe out an entire family’s financial stability. Additionally, our ability to perform at work and to enjoy our relationships is greatly hindered when our health is poor.

Second, as a company, Verity is a high utilizer of medical benefits. This means that we use our benefits more than expected. The result is higher health premiums. Higher premiums impact our financial health. My husband is in the health industry and is always talking about how preventative care is much cheaper than reactive care. Therefore, if we know our numbers, we can be proactive in caring for ourselves. The result is using our money for what we want to do instead of for paying medical bills.

Finally, getting these tests allow us to be honest with ourselves about our health. It is very easy to pretend that everything is fine; that what we eat, drink, smoke and how much or how little we move doesn’t matter. And, while ignoring our health may work for a while, sooner or later our actions catch up with us. The goal of this test is to ground us in some reality so that we can take responsibility BEFORE a crash happens.

Just because I logically understand all of the above, does not mean I am happily about offering my arm and waist up for pinching and measuring. I am going to cringe and turn red when they tell me my ratios and my numbers. But I am going to do it.

What comes after the tests at Verity is a year-long effort to support all of us in making some healthy changes based on the information we gain from these tests. There will be contests, information, cooking demonstrations, and maybe even some group goals. The test isn’t the end of the conversation. It is the beginning. And every journey starts with the first step.

Photo of May you be Merry

Robin Dowdy on Dec 24th No comments

Photo of It's a Calling...

Robin Dowdy on Nov 4th No comments
Work ceases to be work and becomes a calling with practice and focus... who knew?

Photo of Karma Got You(r) Back

Matthew Kingston on Jul 15th 1 comment

Photo of Meta-Morphosis

Matthew Kingston on Apr 26th No comments
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Photo of The Veritude (with thanks and gratitude)

Lara Simmons on Jul 21st 3 comments
“Anywhere you go, liking everyone, everyone will be likeable.”

—Mignon McLaughlin

From the Members

Photo of Small Stones

Lara Simmons on Jul 7th 1 comment

A small stone is “a very short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment.”

From the Members

Photo of How to THRIVE

Lara Simmons on Jun 27th 2 comments

Salted Carmel ice cream. Cocoa Beware truffles. African Nectar tea. And, oh yeah, a budget you can live with.

From the Members

Photo of Making Mistakes

Lara Simmons on Jun 9th No comments

Making a mistake is an opportunity to ask yourself: What do I need to know about this?

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Photo of Take the Pledge

Lara Simmons on May 28th No comments

Your risk of causing an accident goes up 400% if you are talking on a cell phone while driving. This is similar to driving while intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .08.

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Photo of Three Beautiful Things

Lara Simmons on May 12th 1 comment
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Photo of Being Present

Lara Simmons on Apr 26th 1 comment

“Remember then that there is only one important time, and that time is now. The most important one is always the one you are with. And the most important thing is to do good for the one who is standing at your side.”

—John Muth, from his children’s book “The Three Questions”

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Photo of The Jazz Singer, Fathia Atallah

Lara Simmons on Apr 12th No comments

Looking for a special way to spend an evening? Come hear Verity member Fathia Atallah sing at the Sorrento Hotel on April 16th!

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Photo of Creating Community

Lara Simmons on Mar 29th No comments

“While the spirit of neighborliness was important on the frontier because neighbors were so few, it is even more important now because our neighbors are so many.”

~Lady Bird Johnson

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Photo of Meet the Wallingford Branch!

Lara Simmons on Mar 15th No comments

There have been a few changes around the Wallingford Branch in the past year. Get to know your new Wallingford Branch employees and catch up on what is going on with a few old favorites.

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