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Tellers at Verity do a lot more than just process transactions. We offer our members camaraderie, understanding and, yes, sometimes a shoulder to cry on

Lara Simmons on March 1st, 2011 @ 01:30 PM 4 comments

‘Ike aku, ‘ike mai, kokua aku, kokua mai; pela iho la ka nohana ‘ohana

“Recognize others, be recognized, help others, be helped; such is a family relationship.”

A Hawaiian proverb as recorded by Mary Kawena Pukui

—From the 2009 Verity Credit Union Annual Report

One year ago today I started as a Member Service Representative (Teller) at Verity.

During my first month of employment I read the above quote in the Verity Annual Report and I was impressed. Secretly, however, I wondered how close to the truth it really was. A lot of companies say they are “like family,” but how many really deliver?

One year later I can honestly say that I love my job and that I live this quote every day. Tellers at Verity do a lot more than just process transactions. We offer our members camaraderie, understanding and, yes, sometimes a shoulder to cry on

Here are a few of my favorite member moments so far:

During my very first week at Verity, a twenty-something member came into the branch wearing a Sounders FC jersey. I asked him about it and he told me the story of how he had just taken his younger brother to his first professional soccer game and what a bonding experience that had been for them. He left the branch with a hundred bucks in his wallet and a million dollar smile on his face.

Some months later a long-time member passed away. He had always walked into the branch like he was walking into his own home. He would sidle up to the counter and rattle off his account number quickly, like you should already know it, but he wanted the formality of actually giving it to you. As a new employee I found this daunting and always braced myself when he came into the branch so I would be ready to get his number on the first try.

By the time he died I knew him by name and knew his wife as well. In the email that she sent out after he passed away, his wife said that Verity was like his “Cheers” and that he always looked forward to coming in and doing his banking. (How many banks can say that about their customers?)

A couple of months ago on my way to work I ran into a member on the street. We chatted for a moment and then parted, but not before he asked if he could give me a hug. I said I would love one. And I left that transaction with a million dollar smile on my face.

That’s being recognized. That’s family. That’s Verity.

Is 0% interest on my new car loan really the best deal for me?

Pete Spalding on May 10th No comments

Chase’ing the Waves

Colby Rutherford on Jan 26th 2 comments

There are still local institutions that recognize you when you walk in the door. Places where text messages have not yet replaced real live people on the phone. Places that are not run by shareholders but by members, for members.

Verity has the Shredder!

Courtney on Jun 24th No comments

Verity has always made it known that we are a credit union “where you truly matter” and this means protecting and educating our members in fraud and identity theft prevention. One way we do this is by hosting Shred-A-Thons to benefit our branches’ communities.

International Credit Union is a day for our Members

Regine Smith on Oct 13th 9 comments
Our passion is for members, excellent service, and those who will join us on this fascinating journey towards “member service delight.”
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