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Photo of Risk vs Reward

Our personality can be our best friend or worst enemy when it comes to financial decisions and risk taking.

Tony Pellicane on March 28th, 2014 @ 09:13 AM No comments

Roll the clock back thirty years while water skiing in my youth off the coast of Miami. I would quite often see rays and sharks, occasionally skiing over them as they cruised a couple feet below the surface. It would happen very quickly but you still had to make that decision to move over and actually go over them. What’s the return for that risk?...well maybe a thrill, really cool to see those creatures close up if even so swiftly. The risk?... well if you fall I suppose you’re in the water with a shark which was just really, really startled. The thinking was they would be running for the watery hills anyway, but the likelihood of falling just at that moment was slim to none. We generally look for more return on our investments as we move through life and the risks may not always be what they seem.

We hear it all the time, risk versus reward. In the Mortgage Industry it’s all about borrowers, loans, investments, balance sheets, and navigating those financial waters to successful returns. As a wise and cautious consumer one examines the benefits and risks of home ownership vs renting, or a car’s safety versus the price of the car. To say the least we face the decision daily and if we’re lucky or smart enough to have advisors, we seek their expertise when needed.

Buying a home involves risk and reward like most things and it may not be safe if you don’t know what you’re doing. Some may even say it’s not smart in this seller’s market; others drive the risk with timely property investments. The reward may be steady income stream with rental properties, or a warm fireplace or beautiful view of our own. For my part the best rewards, and adventures, have been found well off the beaten path. While this occasionally leads to challenging situations, knowing there is a risk and proceeding anyway is a matter of assessment, along with the belief that something better awaits.

Climbing 2,000 feet in 25 minutes to catch a spellbinding sunset, one is not supposed to become waylaid in the backcountry darkness with no cell phone and only the stars to navigate back to safety. Our personality can be our best friend or worst enemy when it comes to financial decisions and risk taking. A willingness to adopt risk as a vehicle toward personal growth and experience, as well as financial well-being, will not be everyone’s mantra. What we personally get in return for the risks we take, and what risks we are comfortable taking vary by individual. Seattle’s home market is not for the faint of heart right now.

Coming back down in complete darkness… yeah that was kind of crazy. Better planning would have reduced the risk. As with buying a home, spontaneity may not be the way to go. If it’s worth the risk for you - plan ahead, get expert help, persevere, and enjoy the view! However you pull it off, the experience will last a lifetime!

Photo of Rent vs. Buy: Which option is right for you?

Jeremy Sankwich on Mar 13th No comments
There are advantages and disadvantages to both renting and buying the home you live in; the choice depends on your situation and your goals.

Photo of Sleeveless in Seattle

Tony Pellicane on Feb 21st No comments
Thus far in my life, road conditions never involved anything freezing unless you were sucking down a Jamba Juice and got a brain freeze.

Photo of 3 Tips for Organizing your Finances

Jeremy Sankwich on Jan 30th No comments
Organizing finances is difficult business. Here are 3 easy tips to start putting your financial world in order and prepare for homeownership.

Photo of Happy (Chocolate!) Valentines Day.

Tony Pellicane on Jan 28th No comments
From a dietary standpoint chocolate is very efficient; you can eat one box and take care of your entire caloric intake for the day.

Photo of What is Quantitative Easing?

Jeremy Sankwich on Dec 19th No comments
The name makes no sense...


Tony Pellicane on Dec 9th 1 comment
Most importantly, when the experience is shared it transcends language, gender, age, race, and skill, joining us with mutual appreciation for the magic of flight and creation.


Tony Pellicane on Nov 18th No comments
If you do not invest OF yourself, you’ve no business cultivating expectations FOR yourself.

Photo of Excuse me, do you have a dime?

Wendy Hovey on Nov 14th No comments

Photo of Subprime storm hits close to home

Wendy Hovey on Sep 3rd 7 comments
We are all victims. We will all feel the crunch.
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