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Photo of Target Card Breach

Le Ann Langston on January 22nd, 2014 @ 02:54 PM No comments

Card breaches are becoming more prevalent. Several years ago it was TJ Maxx and most recently it’s been Target and Neiman Marcus. However, those were just the ones that made the news. Cards are compromised daily – just on a smaller basis. The smaller fraud incidents are often handled through financial institutions’ fraud monitoring systems. While the future of card breaches is ever changing, it is for certain that fraud monitoring is a 24-hour business.

The increased frequency of fraud makes it even more important to develop a strategy that balances members’ needs and potential risks of losses. In my opinion, Verity’s quick response in the wake of the Target announcements on Dec. 19 accomplished both of those items. The same day the news about the Target breach hit, a team of people came together to at Verity and took prompt action. Five days before Visa officially published its list of impacted cards, we had identified our members who shopped at Target during the impacted period. When Visa did finally issue their list on Dec. 23, we were able to confirm the accuracy of our list.

Knowing the impacted members allowed us to reach out to them via email immediately. This was a project where we realized the value of email and being able to get communication out to members without waiting two-plus days for the mail. We were also able to record a phone message for all members to hear, alerting them to check their email and to expect any follow-up communication through that channel.

What I’m most proud of regarding this process was our team’s agility to try new things. It would have been easy to follow the exact steps that we’ve done for previous card breaches. However, we were able to look at things and ask, “How can we improve? What can be automated to improve and streamline this process?” The result was automating a previously manual card ordering and blocking process that trimmed up to two days off the timeline and numerous labor hours. While other financial institutions were still debating about whether or not to block and reissue cards, Verity credit and debit cards were already in the mail to members.

As someone who loves process improvement I was even more over the moon when we came together last week to further review our procedures. We thought of ways we could improve communication and make the process even smoother for our members. While reissuing cards and card breaches is not something we want to be good at, we realize it is a necessity. We also know that Verity’s mission is to enhance members’ lives, and using our products and services is part of that vision. To meet our vision, we want to continue to improve our products and processes so that members don’t see interruptions using our cards, regardless of what happens with fraud.

Photo of Internal Service

Le Ann Langston on Oct 10th No comments

What internal best practices do you have that surprises and delights your co-workers?

Photo of River Rafting and Kindergarten

Le Ann Langston on Sep 4th No comments

Kindergarten is a scary and exciting experience for parents and kids. I love to go rafting so I’m going to compare it to a day on the river.

Photo of Saying goodbye

Le Ann Langston on May 31st No comments

This month it seems like a lot of things have come to an end in my life.

Photo of Stress Levels

Le Ann Langston on Apr 10th No comments

An interesting question came up with a friend recently that I wanted to ask everyone. What gets you stressed and has it ever changed?

Photo of Physical Therapy is really physical

Le Ann Langston on Mar 21st No comments

Photo of It's Valentine's Day.....Again....

Rachel Cline on Feb 13th No comments

Photo of My worst traits amplified

Le Ann Langston on Dec 6th 1 comment

Parenting amplifies your worst traits.

Photo of Letting Go

Le Ann Langston on Nov 19th No comments

For the next 25 days I’m going to remember to trust, relax and be thankful.

Photo of The Art of Making Friends

Le Ann Langston on Oct 17th No comments

Photo of Co Ops

Le Ann Langston on Aug 29th 1 comment

I’m a big believer in Co Ops.

Photo of Wish Upon a Star

Le Ann Langston on Jul 9th No comments

Photo of “Don’t have a meltdown, mommy”

Le Ann Langston on Apr 18th 1 comment

Photo of Enjoying Noise in an Increasingly Quieter World

Catie Evanovich on Feb 8th 3 comments

Photo of Why I <3 the Internet

Catie Evanovich on Jan 30th 1 comment
Or I Need to Know the Proper Order of Biological Classification, STAT!
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