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Photo of Present with Confidence!

Vivian Valencia on April 18th, 2014 @ 07:25 AM No comments

The Verity Experience presents Rebecca Osman, founder of Your Stage Coach. Rebecca helps business people present themselves and their ideas with confidence and clarity.

Join Rebecca on Thursday, May 1, 2014 from 6 - 8pm at Verity Credit Union's headquarters office in the Northgate area - 11027 Meridian Avenue North, Seattle, 98133 - for this interactive workshop. In this workshop, you will:

  • understand the 3 keys to building credibility and influence with your audience
  • gain strategies for conquering your nerves and taming your butterflies
  • discover the secret to walking away from your presentations feeling successful

Attendance is FREE with pre-registation: Click here to pre-register.

Questions? Call 206.618.2170 or email Rebecca.

Looking forward to see you at this Verity Experience! V2

Photo of Heartbleed Update

Melina Young on Apr 10th No comments

Photo of Stay Oso Strong - Donate Online

Melina Young on Apr 2nd No comments

Photo of The Easter Bunny is coming to Alderwood

Kira Cox on Mar 31st No comments

Photo of Microsoft Discontinues Support for Windows XP Operating Systems

Melina Young on Mar 21st No comments

Photo of Surviving toddlerhood

Kira Cox on Mar 4th No comments

Photo of First Steps

Kira Cox on Jan 24th No comments

Photo of Resolutions start with a small change

Shannon Marrs on Jan 17th No comments

Photo of How to put lights on your Christmas tree

Shannon Marrs on Dec 13th No comments

Photo of Finding the perfect tree

Kira Cox on Dec 6th No comments

Photo of What to buy cheap and what to splurge on

Shannon Marrs on Nov 25th No comments

Photo of How my son is like my dog

Kira Cox on Nov 8th No comments
Since having my son, I've seen first-hand the similarities between human developmental milestones and canine developmental milestones. And at times, it's funny to see the parallels in behavior.

Photo of It's so bad, it's comical

Kira Cox on Oct 22nd No comments

Photo of 5 Fatal Blocks to Authorship: Mindset, Purpose, Plan, Accountability and Promotion

Vivian Valencia on Sep 11th No comments
Authors and aspiring authors, this Verity Experience is for you!

Photo of Parent-Child-Grandparent Relationships

Vivian Valencia on Sep 9th No comments
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