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Photo of Credit Education in the Class Room

As we head back to school, I wanted to remind our members of Credit University.

Shari Storm on August 19th, 2013 @ 10:11 AM No comments

Credit University is a collaborative effort between several credit unions to bring to financial education to Western Washington high school. If you are a teacher or a parent of a high school student and you would like your teenager to learn about money management and the wise use of credit, please see this website for instructions on booking a free presentation.

Photo of Financial Counseling – It’s Not Just for the Troubled

Shari Storm on Jul 11th No comments

Photo of Don't Let 10% Pass You By

Shari Storm on May 29th 2 comments

We’ve been advertising it all over town. We are offering 10% for 10 months on a $1,000 CD.

Photo of Verity at TEDxBellevue

Shari Storm on May 14th No comments

TED Talks – Ideas Worth Spreading

Photo of May 7?

Shari Storm on May 4th No comments

Photo of Verity Invites Shelton Area Members to Community Event

Shari Storm on Apr 4th No comments

On Wednesday, April 10, I’ll be presenting a free workshop on how to be a better boss.

Photo of Birthday Invite Innovation Idea

Shari Storm on Feb 12th No comments

I have three elementary school age daughters. I know this is a first world problem, but they get invited to an overwhelming number of birthday parties.

Photo of TEDx and the Green Bronx Machine

Shari Storm on Oct 14th No comments

Last month I had the privilege of presenting at TEDxBellevue It was an amazing opportunity. I met so many incredible people and heard several thought-provoking new ideas.

Photo of Celebrate Good Times

Shari Storm on Aug 9th 1 comment

What started out as a simple gathering to acknowledge the graduation of two of our employees from Seattle University’s MBA program, blossomed into a full blown celebration as the list of celebration-worthy events kept growing.

Photo of A Sad Farewell

Shari Storm on Jul 30th 3 comments

Seven months ago, I wrote a happy blog post about Josh Dickerson and his apparent victory over cancer

Photo of Seattle Takes Sundance by Storm

Shari Storm on Jan 25th No comments

Since my husband works in the film industry, I’ve been able to attend the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah for the past two years.

Photo of A Resolution Re-Cycled

Shari Storm on Dec 28th No comments

Looking back through some blog archives – I came across this post I published in January of 2006. It was titled “My 2006 Resolution – To Be A Unicyclist”

Photo of 23 Adult Truths

Shari Storm on Dec 13th 5 comments

I saw this floating around on the internet a few weeks back. I couldn’t track down the author. While some of the points might be a bit questionable, overall, the list made me chuckle. I hope you enjoy.

Photo of Verity Celebrates Josh Dickerson

Shari Storm on Dec 7th No comments
When a long time employee learned that her son had cancer, everyone at the credit union rallied around her and her family. We watched with our breath held as he went through months of chemo and radiation.

Photo of An Open Letter to our Bank Transfer Members

Shari Storm on Nov 16th 1 comment

Since the idea of Bank Transfer Day took hold, we’ve welcomed over 350 new members to Verity Credit Union and to the credit union movement.

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