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Photo of Secure or Not Secure? There's no question.

A couple of issues held us back from launching our new website today. They're fixed-- but we're going to wait until tomorrow to launch.

Laurel McJannet on September 14th, 2009 @ 04:22 PM 5 comments

We choose secure.

Due to some issues with some new security features we are applying to the new veritycu.com, we were not able to launch today.

I was, ahem, peeved. I was steamed. But we're going to do this right or not at all. So knowing that the site will work as it should tomorrow gives me a sense of calm.

So, look for a new website to appear tomorrow morning around 7:00 a.m. PT. You get one more day to enjoy the current website.

Thanks for your patience!

Photo of The new veritycu.com: Not just another pretty web face

Laurel McJannet on Sep 10th 2 comments
veritycu.com is pretty, but it's got smarts, too.

Photo of It will all be different on Monday morning: A new veritycu.com

Laurel McJannet on Sep 9th No comments
On Monday, Verity will have a new website. Here is a sneak peek.

Photo of I have good news and bad news: Online Branch Update

Laurel McJannet on Jul 24th 3 comments
"...my impatience and frustration is heavily tempered by our desire to present a system that not only works right-- it must work right the first time."

Photo of Was veritycu.com my first born?

Laurel McJannet on May 21st 3 comments
I'm raising a toddler and a tween-- one is potty training while the other is bugging me for a new infrastructure and content management system.

Photo of "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.."

Laurel McJannet on Apr 8th No comments
Hmm, I don't know about that. We've done some usability testing for our new website design for veritycu.com and frankly, some of the names of menu items could stand a little freshening up.

Photo of Usability Testers Wanted for veritycu.com

Laurel McJannet on Mar 24th 3 comments

Photo of Good things come to those who wait: An Online Branch Update

Laurel McJannet on Feb 8th 4 comments
So our March launch will now be mid-May. Technically, still spring, but a wait nonetheless.

Photo of Verity duznt snd txt msgs askN 4 pRsNL acct info.

Laurel McJannet on Feb 5th No comments
If you get a text message from Verity asking for your personal information, just delete it. It's just another scam.

Photo of Beware of this Phish

Laurel McJannet on Jan 16th No comments
A new year, another new phishing scam looking to grab your credit card information

Photo of Power On!

Laurel McJannet on Dec 29th No comments
Our power has been restored, our phones are online, and our systems are up and running.

Photo of Power Outage Update

Laurel McJannet on Dec 29th No comments
Verity lost its power around 1:00 p.m. PT today. At first it was a partial outage, effecting half the staff at Verity Headquarters and our building tenants. Eventually, all staff lost computer and phone access.

Photo of We’re ready—weather or not!

Laurel McJannet on Dec 19th 1 comment
With weather conditions being what they are in the Puget Sound right now (and more snow forecasted for this weekend), we have come up with a plan that will enable you to get to our branches and minimize unsafe travel for all.

Photo of What's your style-- your learning style, that is

Laurel McJannet on Dec 11th No comments
Take this quick online survey and tell us how you get so online smart. I'll share the results!

Photo of Friend Me, Tweet Me.

Laurel McJannet on Dec 9th No comments
We've been blogging for years, but have held off using Twitter and Facebook... until now. Verity now has a corporate Facebook page and a Twitter account. Follow us online to your heart's content.
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