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Photo of Sterling Roszel

Sterling Roszel

Relationship Associate

My name is Sterling Roszel and I am the Relationship Associate at Verity Credit Union’s Beacon Hill branch. I am so passionate about helping our members maintain and achieve financial well-being. Part of my job is to sit with our members and even potential members to determine their are and how Verity can help them through hard times or continue on with their smooth sailing through our quality products and services. I take great pride and satisfaction in my successes and this is the reason I am both a proud member of, and working for, such an amazing company. And if only you had the chance to meet all the wonderful people that work both directly with members and in our back office! We are a truly fun, diverse, creative, and ethical work environment.

Many people are interested to learn that I was born and raised in Indonesia and Australia, have been to every continent except Antarctica and was the face for Biore Men's face wash for 2 years while living abroad.