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Photo of Matthew Kingston

Matthew Kingston

Relationship Associate

My name is Matthew Kingston. I’m a Relationship Associate at the Wallingford branch. I slipped into Verity one misty day and haven’t looked back, and while I haven’t been with Verity very long, I am already impressed with the organization and the people who work here and I look forward to a long and storied career.

When not slinging bills and cashing checks, I’m usually found drinking coffee, listening to vinyl, reading, and writing. I’m working on a novel about a time traveler who stitches up holes in the universe, along with half a dozen short stories, mostly about butterflies, Albert Einstein, and hot dogs. Most people don’t know I’ve driven across the country multiple times, that I spent two weeks rafting the Grand Canyon, or that I’ve lived on the East Coast, the West Coast and in the Middle, as they say. If I could spend my summers and winters in Seattle and my springs and falls in Minneapolis, I would be one happy bespectacled human.