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Photo of September: the month of change

Kira Cox on September 13th, 2013 @ 05:27 PM No comments

September always seems to be a month full of changes. The seasons change from summer to fall, with the days getting much shorter and the trees start their annual color shift. For kids and college students, it’s the start of a new school year and grade level, with all the new clothes and school supplies that go along with it. For adults, September is frequently the month for moving into a new home as leases expire.

And here in Kira’s World, this September has one more change than usual. Starting next week, I’ll be leaving the Alderwood Branch for Verity’s headquarters, where I’m going to be the new marketing coordinator. In the new position, I’ll be helping the marketing department connect Verity with current and future members, ensuring we’re providing the best products and services that we can. (I’m also going to be helping run Verity’s blogs, so you’ll still be able to find me here on Our Voices!)

I’m excited for new my position, and all the different opportunities I’ll have with it, but I’m also going to miss my friends and members from the Alderwood Branch. When I started here a year and a half ago, I didn’t realize I was going to be welcomed with open arms into a tight-knit, loving family. I’ll still be able to see everyone, and may even periodically pitch-in or work remotely from the branch! But, I’m going to miss my first Verity family, even as I’m welcomed into my second.

What changes are you experiencing this September?

Photo of Thankful for rain

Kira Cox on Aug 23rd No comments
This summer has been wonderfully warm and dry. But Western Washington, and those of us that live here, aren't used to it. So, let's all do a rain dance and get some liquid sunshine to fall on our baked land.

Photo of It's baaaaa-aaack

Kira Cox on Aug 9th No comments
The football season is upon us. The Seahawks won their first pre-season game last night, but there's still a long road ahead, especially for those of us who don't follow the sport but live with someone who does.

Photo of Watching learning in action

Kira Cox on Jul 25th No comments
If you've never taken time to watch a young child discover the world around them, I encourage you to do so. It's hours of amazement and fun.

Photo of Reminder: Shred-A-Thon Saturday

Kira Cox on Jul 12th No comments
Just a reminder that the community Shred-A-Thon is Saturday, July 13 at three Verity Credit Union locations.

Photo of Have documents more than a decade old? Maybe it's time to shred!

Kira Cox on Jun 24th 1 comment

Photo of Hug your dad... it's Fathers' Day!

Kira Cox on Jun 14th No comments

Photo of Rediscovering the public library

Kira Cox on May 17th No comments

Photo of Flying Solo

Kira Cox on May 10th 1 comment
I took my three-month-old son on his first airplane ride last weekend. What could have been an exhausting experience ended up being an uplifting one that reminded me there are still good people out there.

Photo of The Art of One Handedness

Kira Cox on Apr 24th No comments
New moms have to develop new skills quickly while caring for their bundle of joy, but the most usesful seems to be the ability to do everyting with only one hand.

Photo of Hippity Hoppity the Easter Bunny is coming to the Alderwood Branch

Kira Cox on Mar 18th No comments
The Easter Bunny is taking a break from his busy schedule to visit Verity families at the Alderwood Branch on Saturday, March 23

Photo of Entering the World of Motherhood

Kira Cox on Mar 11th 1 comment
I've been a mom now for just over a month and have a new-found respect for what moms go through on a daily basis, especially during the first month.

Photo of Battling the doldrums of winter

Kira Cox on Jan 16th No comments

Photo of Optimism for the new year

Kira Cox on Dec 31st No comments

Photo of Knitting as therapy

Kira Cox on Nov 14th No comments
Knitting alone or in a group of friends can be a wonderful way to relieve stress... and create gifts at the same time!
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