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Photo of 30 days of gratitude

Melina Young on September 21st, 2012 @ 01:38 PM 1 comment

Yesterday, while at the eWomenNetwork luncheon I heard about a challenge to take 1 month and let people know that you are grateful for them. How? The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge.

How does it work? Pick 30 different people that you are grateful for and send 1 card a day for 30 days. You have to send to 30 different people and it can be anyone. And, it has to be a real live card that someone gets in the mail. It isn't a time to ask for other things for you, just let someone know that you care about them and that someone is thinking of them. It sounds pretty awesome to me, so I am going to do it! My biggest possible problem to completing the challenge? I don't know that I have physical addresses for 30 people! That somewhat scary thought aside, I think it will be nice. So, if you get a card from me, know that this is why. If not, I probably appreciate you, but don't have your address!

Want to learn more and take the challenge yourself? There is a video and everything you can watch at Awaken Gratitude.

Good luck and happy gratefulness!

1 comment

Crystal M on September 21st, 2012 at 02:26 PM

This is such a good idea, Melina, I think I will do it too! It just sounds like something that would make the day of the person receiving it and make you feel good in the process. It's on!

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