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Photo of Wish Upon a Star

Le Ann Langston on July 9th, 2012 @ 08:39 AM No comments

Fourth of July was quite a night in our house. My four year old woke up and we watched fireworks out the windows. Our yearly routine of watching fireworks quickly turned into star gazing though. Lily found it more interesting to wish upon stars. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that what she thought were stars were probably remnants of fireworks.

Her three wishes were what caught my attention. As an adult when I think of wishes I think of the standard. First wish is usually about world peace, end world hunger, cure various diseases or to take care of family and friends. Then usually the second wish is about something you really want, money, travel, happiness. The third one usually makes adults think a bit more. That one may look into the future.

Lily’s wishes were much more creative. Lily’s first wish was to share a boat. Now I don’t know who was sharing the boat. I’d like to think it was with her mom and dad. However, it was probably with one of her beloved dolls or maybe all of them. My immediate thought listening to her wish was that she must mean a yacht. However, later she referenced rowing a boat. Guess I need to expose her to the larger boats at the Seattle waterfront more often.

Lily’s second wish was to ride a snake. That is right. You read it correctly, ride a snake. Before Tuesday evening I would have thought this was a complete fantasy. However, I watched a documentary on some sort of massive man eating snake from the Amazon they are worried about breeding in Florida. Lily was not in the room when this was on TV that I remember? All I can say about this wish except that it freaks me out is that I can’t imagine an adult making this wish.

The third wish was a bit more personal for Lily. She wished that she could play both symbols at once. Her aunt was generous enough to buy her a drum set for her recent birthday. No, we don’t have a sound proof room if you were wondering. This is the only of the three wishes that I have to admit I didn’t fully support in my mind.

Well now that you’ve heard about our 4th of July and Lily’s wishes. How was your holiday? Did you wish upon any stars?

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