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Vivian Valencia on July 6th, 2012 @ 03:30 PM No comments

Women in Innovation Summit 2012: September 22, 2012 at the Intiman Theatre 8am-8pm. Register

At the Women in Innovation Summit 2012 you will:

  • be inspired to innovate,
  • understand what innovation means in your particular situation as an entrepreneur, employee, or student,
  • expand your networks with other thoughtful and experienced women and men,
  • potentially find mentors and other partnerships,
  • have ideas how you can contribute to leading our organizations, treating the planet and restructuring the economy in more life-sustaining ways.

WINS 2012 shares stories and discusses women in innovation from three perspectives:

  • Women who lead in innovative ways, and leadership of innovation,
  • Women inventing technologies and developing innovations in science,
  • Women as innovative drivers of social change.

WINS 2012 will feature innovations and innovative activities that are life enhancing, and sustain the human spirit, the planet and our economy.

Who is the Summit for? It is for:

  • passionate people; men and women, who care about the future.
  • thought leaders who can influence how we approach innovation.
  • leaders of organizations, business, nonprofits and government who lead in ways that support people’s highest potential.
  • change makers who are motivated by social impact at home and abroad.
  • women techies who trail blaze in the world of technology with their inventions.
  • people who are curious about what can be done better.
  • people who innovate.

The Summit will bring together some 400 women leaders of all ages and from diverse backgrounds – and some brilliant men – to raise awareness about women as innovators and how women's innovativeness can be a game changer in regards to the world’s economy, environment, organizations and our wellbeing. Become inspired to innovate!

Register now – early bird before July 30th $199/person. Group of 10: $1,790.

Questions? Call Kristiina Hiukka, Chair: 425.462.6613 or email kirstiina.hiukka@womenininnovationsummit.org

WINS 2012 is a signature event of the Next Fifty, celebrating 50th anniversary of the Seattle Center, under the auspices of the Seattle Center Foundation (a 501-c-3 organization).

As a volunteer-based organization the program is financed through the generous donations of private individuals and sponsorship of businesses who value our mission.

Until next time, V2

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