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Photo of Stuff you find in a branch

Little did I know that credit unions are full of more than money, brochures and back copies of checks. In tackling a large cleaning and organizing project, I found goodies that both surprised and intrigued me.

Kira Cox on July 20th, 2012 @ 03:48 PM No comments

The stuff you find in a branch…

The sunshine appears to be keeping people out of the Alderwood branch lately, so we’ve been taking the down time as an opportunity to do some summer organizing and cleaning.

So earlier this week, fellow teller Debbie and I, armed with a label maker and new clear Rubbermaid bins, decided to attack the filing cabinets along the back wall and the storage room and do some much-needed organizing.

Now, coming from a newsroom as my previous work environment, I’m used to finding all sorts of random stuff in cabinets and drawers – old newspapers, photos from stories long forgotten, decades-old reports, toys to amuse writer’s-blocked reporters, etc.

But in a credit union, I expected to find money (obviously), account and check records for a couple years back, brochures about Verity’s products and services, and basic office supplies. And that's it.

Boy was I wrong.

The usuals were there, of course, but so was (and still is) a lot of stuff I didn’t expect. Some of the more interesting finds include:

  • Toy convertible cars from an old auto loan promotion.
  • Receipts from the coin counter that are more than two years old.
  • Numerous pairs of sunglasses left behind by members (and never claimed).
  • A wicker basket full of the plastic rolls that hold our receipt tape (no one is sure why we’re saving them, but they could definitely be used for something crafty)
  • Old Christmas cards from members.
  • Colorful pinwheels, another promotional leftover.
  • Measuring spoons (again, another promotional leftover).
  • Sparkly blue and purple boas.
  • Northwest Federal Credit Union items, including rubber stamps and envelopes (Verity changed its name from Northwest Federal in 2003).
  • LOTS of pens, but not just Verity… Wyndham Hotels, BECU, Aflac, various car dealerships…

And my favorite: a collection of weird stuff found in the coin machine and paper shredder (from the Shred-A-Thon), including a bullet, buttons, paper clips, gum, coins from around the world, and bottle caps.

Debbie and I still have days, maybe even weeks, worth of organizing to do, so if you see one of us playing with a label maker, don’t be surprised. And who knows, maybe we’ll find something more even more interesting and surprising.

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